Learn to speak English, intuitively.

From the very beginning of lesson one, the only language you will hear is English. American English Academy's ESL programs actively engage you so you don’t need your native language for help. You’ll learn to actively explore the English language intuitively, the way native speakers learn. You will be fully immersed in a re-creation of real-life scenarios, followed by dynamic exercises and quizzes, to complete the learning experience. Our rich, interactive, and cultural ESL resources connect you to the real world, so you can practice using English after your first online lesson.

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How It Works

So, what’s the secret to learning English?

The American English Academy’s proven methodology introduces new words and concepts by using repetition and pattern recognition instead of memorization. You will learn to intuitively think and speak in English just like native speakers do. Our intelligently designed online English language ESL learning experience is packed full of pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary-building lessons, cultural exercises, and supplemental learning materials. Our 4 step teaching methodology gives you the confidence to speak English anywhere.

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American English Academy's 4 step methodology

Step 1: Learn 

Learn new concepts and words through pattern recognition with our interactive English lessons taught in an intuitively designed environment. Learn to think and speak in English just like native speakers do.

Step 2: Speak 

Practice new words, phrases, and concepts in an interactive environment that simulates real-life situations. Learn how to pronounce the English language so you can communicate with English speakers right away.

Step 3: Test 

Our expertly crafted quizzes are designed specifically with ESL learners in mind. Our attractive, easy-to-use testing interface engages you right away ensuring the proper language acquisition, giving you instant results.

Step 4: Connect 

Use your new English skills to connect globally for whatever purpose you want. Meet new English speaking friends. Travel to English speaking countries. Connect for business and professional purposes.



 How can I measure my success?

American English Academy’s online learing management system is not only comprehensive, but results orientated. That’s why American English Academy’s progress reports are so important. Our detailed reports show you the results of your ESL tests and give you a chance to re-take ESL lessons to improve your scores. Not only that, but every ESL lesson and activity have built-in instant audio and visual feedback to help develop your English language confidence.

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 Study aid support.

American English Academy believes you need all the support you can get when learning a new language online. That’s why we created the pronunciation lab and the culture lab. All our audio is recorded by native English teachers with clear, American accents. Students are fully-immersed into the online English environment with a 100% American English. It’s a part of American English Academy’s approach to learning English as a Second Language online. We boast the widest variety of high-quality ESL learning material, and integration of real-life audio by native speakers.

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Interactive and Engaging.

American English Academy's technology-based ESL curriculum delivers fun and engaging lessons by fully immersing you into a rich, interactive, and cultural re-creation of real-life situations. Each online English lesson allows you to explore the simulated ESL language environment, followed by dynamic exercises and quizzes, to complete the online English learning experience. Our rich, interactive, and cultural ESL resources connect you to the real world, so you can practice using English anywhere.


100% online. Mobile friendly.

American English Academy's online English language programs can be accessed anywhere. All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. No boring CD’s that don’t give you the complete ESL learning experience. American English Academy engages you right away using our ESL conversational approach to English, so you can start speaking English after your very first lesson. No need for any downloads or the use of apps.

The complete online English language learning environment will automatically and seamlessly adjust to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so you get a tailored experience.

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How long will it take?

The time it takes for you to complete any of our online English Language Programs depends on how much time you spend on learning the material. Look at the example below to see how long it takes to complete a level in our Academic English Program.

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Study Plan

Study 1 hour a day.

Complete the course in 3 months.

Semi-intensive Study Plan

Study 2 hours a day.

Complete the course in 2 months.

Intensive Study Plan

Study 3 hours a day.

Complete the course in 1 month.


Is American English Academy the right choice?

Our students think so. If you are looking for a fun, engaging, online English language learning program that is results orientated, then the American English Academy is right for you. But don't take our word for it. Try our ESL demo absolutely free, to see if it is right for you. The first lesson is always free. Still don't believe us? Millions of students worldwide can't be wrong. Don't wait. Try it now.

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