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State-of-the-art Technology

Our school is web-based and our technology is in HTML5 and compatible with Android and Apple mobile phones and tablets, as well as traditional PCs and laptops. We support a wide range of browser compatibility. All that is needed to access classes is a reliable and fast Internet connection.

Online Learning Management System

The virtual academy offers a very flexible web-based Learning Management System (LMS) allowing individual students (and their academic institutions and corporations) to create and manage virtual teaching classes, levels, programs, scoring, and continued assessments.

Our teaching materials are E-Books delivered as HML5 interactive computer simulations in web-browsers. We use web-integrated multimedia technologies such as text, voice, and computer animation.

These enable students to learn much faster and a lot more efficiently than in any traditional flat website, or classroom.

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Our online system puts students in charge of their learning process in a fun and interactive manner.

They can navigate through a virtual online academy or learning center, and go from one center of learning to another.

They can access hundreds of materials, videos, animations, tutorials, lessons, games, and tests of different levels, when and where they want from their classroom, or from the comfort of their home and office.

Students can choose the material they want to load, work with and take charge of the classroom to go forward, backward, and pause. Repeat a sequence, lesson, or quiz as often as they wish, until mastering the subject. Switch from one level or subject to another.

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