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Student Reviews

I have been using American English Academy for six months. In this time, my English has really improved! One reason I choose American English Academy was that I prefer the sound of American English to British English. I also plan on visiting American soon. I know that my English has improved because my American friends that I voice-chat with told me that my English is getting better. I had a lot of trouble learning English before I found American English Academy, but the clear lessons and exercises made learning a lot easier. I am very satisfied with American English Academy.
Avril Geroux, France
I was taught English in school, but the teaching of the spoken English was less than the grammar and writing. My work demanded that I speak more English, but I didn’t have the time to go to night school. Your school was very practical and convenient. The sections on phonetics have helped me speak more clearly. I am still not perfect, but I feel confident that I can attain a high-level of English using your system. I have recommended your school to my friends, family, and colleagues.
Juergen Bäcker, Germany
I work maintaining and upgrading computer networks. I have to understand a lot of technical language, and read a lot of manuals. Some manuals are in Spanish, but many are only in English, and most of the forums that I go to for technical details are also only in English. I need to understand, read, and sometimes speak English. It is necessary for my work. Your program has made my English much better. In my breaks from work, I can do 10 or 15 minutes of study 2 or three times a day. Even with this short amount of time to study, my English is much better. I am planning to go back to university soon. I believe, after completing your program, I will place very well in my English assessment.
Gabriel Cadenas, Venezuela
Without American English Academy, I wouldn’t make any progress learning English because I live in a part of Japan where there are very few English teachers. Studying online is the only way that I can study English. If you are like me, and want to learn English, but don’t have access to teachers, I recommend American English Academy for self-study.
Ichiru Yamagata, Japan
My family is fortunate to own a rapidly expanding business. We’re planning to enter markets in a number of different countries. In undertaking this expansion, it became clear to me that my English wasn’t good enough. The language of business in the world is English. I can read and understand spoken English quite well, but speaking English if very difficult for me. Your school teaches English in a way that I can understand and learn. I will not say that it is easy, but I am having good results. The lessons with phonetics are particularly helpful, and are giving me more confidence to try speaking English. I also have family in Canada, and hope to visit them next year. Using your program, I should be ready to speak English to them!
Reza Esfahani, Saudia Arabia