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Your staff will learn Business English online.

Learn more about our online Business English courses and how they can help your employees learn English fluency.

Online Business English Courses.

Business English Course

ESL Banking and Finance Module 

1. Opening a bank account
2. Depositing money
3. Withdrawing money
4. Paying bills
5. Applying for a credit card
6. Applying for a mortgage

ESL Sales and Marketing Module 

1. Selling over the phone
2. Buying over the phone
3. Sales and Marketing calls

ESL Travel Arrangements Module 

1. Booking a train ticket
2. Booking a plane ticket
3. Booking a hotel room

ESL Hotel Accommodation Module 

1. Checking into the hotel
2. Checking out of the hotel
3. Paying the bill

ESL Purchasing Module 

1. Buying a computer
2. Buying computer accessories
3. Buying a cellphone
4. Inquiring about a phone
5. Making a payment



Start speaking Business English online.

The time it takes for your staff to complete our online Business English course depends on how much time they spend on learning the material. Look at the example below to see how long it takes to complete a level in our ESL Business English Program.

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Study Plan

Study 1 hour a day.

Complete the course in 3 months.

Semi-intensive Study Plan

Study 2 hours a day.

Complete the course in 2 months.

Intensive Study Plan

Study 3 hours a day.

Complete the course in 1 month.


Online ESL conversational approach.

Bridge communication gaps.

Language barriers can have a devastating effect on your company. Our online ESL conversational approach bridges the communication gap enabling your employees to quickly communicate in English with management, co-workers, and valuable clients.

Comprehensive ESL Business testing environment.

Track your staff's progress.

Keep track of all your employees' scores and American English Academy course progress. Allow your staff to take Business English lessons as many times as they need to improve their ESL Business English courses. Comprehensive ESL Business testing environment for maximum efficiency.

A complete ESL business course.

A complete ESL business course.

Each Business English Module covers specific ESL business related topics such as business meetings, banking and finance, business travel, sales calls, opinions and statements, agreeing and disagreeing, and general English.

American English Academy interactive immersion method.

Proven to work.

The American English Academy interactive immersion method introduces new words and concepts by using repetition and pattern recognition. Stop learning boring ESL vocabulary and reciting memorized words. Start speaking English online with confidence.

Online Business English courses fits all budgets.

Budget Friendly.

American English Academy's online Business English courses are results orientated, and affordable. We will personally work with your company's budget so your staff can immediately take advantage of all our online Busniess English courses and language learning material.

Online Business English courses for computers, laptops, tablet, and smartphones.


Take advantage of our online Business English courses. Your staff and management can access our Business English material from any device. Desktop computers, laptops, tablet, and smartphones. Employees can improve their English at home, breaks, or designated learning hours.

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