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Our learning games for preschoolers are a great way to exercise and practice what they learn in the core curriculum.

Educational learning games

  • Created for toddlers and pre-k children

    Our fun learning games will develop your child's basic mouse skills and are all age and content appropriate, ensuring the proper development of your child.

  • Interactive learning

    Our learning games are interactive and most importantly, educational. They cover various themes and concepts used in our preschool program.

  • Building technology skills

    Playing games is an important part of child development, our computer games specifically, help to develop a sense of technology, and hone their skill at using computers and tablets. This builds the foundations of a child's use of technology, which will play a vital role in their everyday life.

  • Appropriate content

    Our learning games focus on key areas of the preschool curriculum. It's a great way to exercise what they learn in a fun environment. Our games encompass subjects like English and mathematics.

  • Guidelines for using our content

    We highly recommend that parents, teachers, and care-givers actively participate with children in learning our material. In our experience, it’s likely that they’ll be bursting with new ideas and facts that they want to tell you about. Studies show that this kind of interaction is critical to positive learning outcomes. Our learning material is designed specifically for you to listen and talk with your child or student about what they are learning.

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