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Online English Courses for students.

Learn how American English Academy Academic English Courses can help your students.

Academic English Course

Academic English Course

ESL Grammar 

American English Academy's Academic English grammar building exercises introduces new words and concepts to students by using repetition and pattern recognition techniques, enabling them to learn like a native speaker. Students are fully immersed in a re-creation of real-life scenarios, followed by dynamic exercises and quizzes, to complete the learning experience.

ESL Vocabulary 

American English Academy's Academic English Vocabulary is an important and intricate step in learning English. All the new words a student learns are supported with audio and pictures so the student doesn't have to translate anything. The only language they will hear is English, allowing them to learn like a native speaker.

ESL Conversation 

The student combines sights, sounds, and words from vocabulary, as well as sentence building and concept exercises from grammar, in a realistic re-creation of real-life scenarios to practice talking in English. All of this is followed by comprehensive quizzing to assess the student's progress.

ESL Reading 

American English Academy's Academic English Reading is a fundamental aspect of English language learning. American English Academy stories, articles, and dialogs combine audio, visual aid, and vocabulary repetition, in well thought out and planned delivery method. Students learn to not only read in English, but comprehend what they are learning. Comprehensive quizzing ensures the student understands the lesson before advancing the higher levels.

ESL Listening 

Learning to listen and pronounce the English language is so important and will make all the difference in the world when applying their English skills in the real world. We boast the widest variety of high-quality audio by American English speakers. Pronunciation lessons, exercises, and quizzes are integrated into every lesson so our students learn to speak clear English with an American accent.

American Culture 

American English Academy's Academic English Culture is a very important part of English language learning. Understanding the American culture can give students valuable insights. This is why we introduce our students to cultural exercises in each lesson. Learning to get around town, buy food, and interact with the locals gives our students the edge and confidence to speak to Americans.



How long will the ESL course take?

The time it takes for your staff to complete any of our ESL English Language Programs depends on how much time they spend on learning the material. Look at the example below to see how long it takes to complete a level in our Academic English Program.

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Study Plan

Study 1 hour a day.

Complete the course in 3 months.

Semi-intensive Study Plan

Study 2 hours a day.

Complete the course in 2 months.

Intensive Study Plan

Study 3 hours a day.

Complete the course in 1 month.


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Future Preparation.

We work hard to prepare your students for the challenges of today's growing international workplace where English is needed for communication, business, negotiations, contracts, agreements, sales, project management, execution and delivery.

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Track your student's progress.

Keep track of all your student's scores and course progress. Allow your students to take lessons as many times as they need to improve their English. Offer a comprehensive testing environment for maximum efficiency.

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A complete 8 level program.

American English Academy English as a Second language program has 8 academic levels, ranging from low beginner to high advanced. Each level has 12 Modules. Students learn, practice, and improve their skills step by step through our structured e-learning modules to ensure fast and effective progress.

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Proven to work.

American English Academy method introduces new words and concepts by using repetition and pattern recognition. Stop learning boring vocabulary and reciting memorized words. Start speaking English with confidence.

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Budget Friendly.

American English Academy's courses are results orientated, and affordable. We will personally work with your institution's budget so all of your students can immediately take advantage of our innovative courses and learning material.

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The complete English language learning environment will automatically and seamlessly adjust to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so your students can get a tailored experience. Use this capability to eliminate the use of an instructor led classroom, cut back expenses, and easily incorporate our courses into their existing curriculum.

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