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Enter the 21st Century teaching paradigm in partnership with American English Academy web-based language teaching platform. Reach excellence in academics objectives.

Online Academic ESL English for Colleges.

Standards-based ESL methods with proven results.


Online English Courses

Student Preparation 

American English Academy will help you teach your students English as a Foreign Language (EFL) skills needed for their future fields of work and activities. We prepare them for the challenges of today's growing international workplace where English is used for communication, business, negotiations, contracts, agreements, sales, project management, execution and delivery.

Standardized Education  

American English Academy is a series of comprehensive language programs for ESOL learners of all ages and backgrounds. We follow several standardized ESL curricula of various US Departments of Education (see standards).

The Perfect Compliment 

American English Academy courses are the perfect complement for educational institutions facing today's growing need for teaching technologies, and the increasing use of mobile devices on campus.

Budget Friendly 

Our award winning technology is the solution to your growing needs. We will work with you to provide an affordable solution for your institution.

Online safety 

Perhaps just as important as engaging, quality content, is that the online experience you choose is safe. Online safety means that a student should not easily be able to stray from the designated site.
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Mobile Ready Platform.

American English Academy addresses the growing requirement to use technology in online English language teaching, while taking advantage of the ever increasing use of mobile devices in college campuses. Our cutting-edge responsive mobile technology allows students to access online English language courses anywhere and on any platform (desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones). No need for any downloads, or the use of apps.

American English Academy enables students to create individualized tailored English language learning plans, monitors ESL progress, and focuses on their individual ESL weaknesses and strengths.

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Our ESL Learning Method.

American English Academy's complete online Academic English Program meets the most rigorous online ESL educational requirements. We cover in depth all fundamental ESL areas such as grammar, comprehension, reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation, so that students excel in standardized tests and admission requirements to the U.S.A., Canada, or UK colleges.

Practical English language skills are needed to communicate effectively in English in real-life situations, with extensive ESL training in conversation, listening comprehension, speech, and phonetic labs.

American English Academy's complete online Academic English Program will automatically and seamlessly adjust to so your students laptop or smartphone.

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Virtual ESL Classes.

American English Academy’s online Academic English language platform delivers interactive E-Books and virtual computer based teaching. American English Academy’s holistic ESL learning system integrates voice, text, and animation as an integral part of any e-learning lesson or English language learning activity; appealing to multiple cognitive spheres. This allows our ESL students to learn a lot more effectively and faster than with flat traditional paper text books, or websites. Learning English online is made multisensory, fun, creative, and interesting.

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Budget Friendly.

Cut back ESL expenses by eliminating the use of instructor led classrooms and language labs, physical school infrastruture, books, utility and maintenance costs, and more.

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