What is our School?

Kid’s Zone is an online early childhood education for children ages 2 – 6 years old. Our preschool curriculum includes e-books for children, Math and language games for young children, including spelling and reading games, as well as our online Play and Learn adventure. Kid’s Zone provides critical preschool preparation for later learning – give your child an educational head-start.

Our Impact
kids are happily playing

Children ages 2 – 6 are ready to learn. Early childhood education develops language and Math literacy. Toddlers, through to kindergarten aged children will benefit from our preschool curriculum. Fun reading and spelling games and activities, and math games and logic puzzles, will let your child reach important development milestones. Our online preschool curriculum supports Math and English literacy, and a love of learning.

Our Program

Designed for home-use, preschools, daycares, and kindergarten aged children; Kid’s Zone is made to compliment other educational activities. Kid’s Zone is age-appropriate, and suitable for native English speakers or ESL learners. Filled with activities for young children, Kid’s Zone safe online learning environment and high quality preschool curriculum will encourage your child’s development.


See what teachers and students are saying about us

K Zourdan - Director

Guardian Angel Daycare

American English Academy has become our main online platform to supplement our teaching of English, math, and science at the preschool and kindergarten level. The environment is interactive and leads children to learning through fun and discovery. When children love it, and our staff can see great results, we know we have a great solution.

Kelly Harper - Teacher

Clever Little Ones Daycare

The content of American English Academy not only engages and teaches the children in my class English, it also teaches important social skills as well. It’s the well-rounded teaching of American English Academy that I find so valuable, and I know parents do as well.

Cindy Thompson - Teacher

New World Daycare

I have a lot of ESL children in my class. It can be very challenging to find the time and attention for them. That’s why American English Academy is such an important part of my class routine: I can see (and hear!) the progress that they’re making. Thank you American English Academy.

Jessica Woods - Teacher

Guardian Angel Daycare

When I’m sitting beside one of our children using American English Academy, I can hear and see them learn while having fun! The online activities, games, and exercises really capture their attention and imagination. American English Academy meets and exceeds our expectations; American English Academy gives us real, measureable, learning outcomes.