Kid’s Ebooks

  • Toddlers and pre-k children

    Our students learn the sounds of English, the alphabet, and early reading through e-books and activities.

  • English language and reading

    Practice English sounds and pronunciation, comprehend what they read, learn new vocabulary, recognize words and language patterns, and learn to spell.

  • Life lessons

    We believe in well-rounded learning, and with our program, kids learn moral and ethical concepts.

  • Tom is a Fox
  • Tim is a Big Pig
  • The brave knight
  • Russ is a Duck
  • Matt is a Cat
  • Jess is a Hen
  • Jeffery goes to the store
  • Squirrely Goes Potty
    Squirrely Goes Potty
  • Alphabet Rhymes
    Alphabet Rhymes
  • Hannah's World of Color
    Hannah's World of Color
  • Shapes are Everywhere
    Shapes are Everywhere
  • The Magician's Magical Counting Hat
    The Magician's Magical Counting Hat
  • My First Alphabet
    My First Alphabet
  • Wacky Farm Animals
    Wacky Farm Animals
  • Ten Little Monkeys
    Ten Little Monkeys
  • Body Parts
    Body Parts
  • Comparing
  • What sound does it make?
    What sound does it make?
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