Kid’s Math

  • Toddlers and pre-k children

    Children love to learn math and logic. Let our early education experts build your child's math skills.

  • Interactive learning

    Our math program for preschool and kindergarten children teach counting, geometry, abstract reasoning, patterns, sequencing and sorting.

  • Building the foundations

    Our preschool curriculum teaches children how to analyze data and solve problems.

  • Magical Counting Hat
    Magical Counting Hat
  • Bigger and Smaller
    Bigger and Smaller
  • Same Size
    Same Size
  • All about Shapes
    All about Shapes
  • Short and Long
    Short and Long
  • Short and Tall
    Short and Tall
  • Same and Different
    Same and Different
  • Heavy and Light
    Heavy and Light
  • Find the Missing Objects
    Find the Missing Objects
  • Positions
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