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Our creative math lessons and activities for preschoolers use a discovery and adventure method of learning that nurtures a love for math.

Building math skills

  • Created for toddlers and pre-k children

    Toddlers and pre-k children love to learn math and logic. Let our early education experts build your child's math skills. Our early education experts have created a program that teaches math skills to your child with fun activities such as comparing, counting, playing with shapes, numbers and colors, and much more!

  • Interactive learning

    Mathematics for kids is fun and interactive. We introduce math concepts through discovery and adventure. We offer a comprehensive math program for preschool and kindergarten children. Included are great subjects like counting, geometry, abstract reasoning, patterns, sequencing, and sorting.

  • Math is fun

    Mathematics is one of the most important building blocks in education, but it can be the most difficult one to master. That is why we created a program combining age-specific interests with creative math lessons, that make challenging math concepts easy to understand.

  • Building the foundations

    Our preschool curriculum has strong foundations in mathematics. Teaching children to understand and analyze data while solving problems is crucial in early development because it increases a child's IQ and plants the seed of higher, abstract thinking.

  • Guidelines for using our content

    We highly recommend that parents, teachers, and care-givers actively participate with children in learning our material. In our experience, it’s likely that they’ll be bursting with new ideas and facts that they want to tell you about. Studies show that this kind of interaction is critical to positive learning outcomes. Our learning material is designed specifically for you to listen and talk with your child or student about what they are learning.

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