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Our innovative Play and Learn collection for preschoolers uses a mix of animations, pictures and text highlighting, along with narration.

Play and Learn activities

  • Created for toddlers and pre-k children

    Toddlers and pre-k children learn through adventures. Let your child explore and discover their world through life science, health and hygiene, social interaction, safety concepts, and much more!

  • Interactive adventures

    Our Play and Learn activities are interactive allowing children to replay sections or skip around. Toddlers and pre-k children will learn about safety in the home, public places and at school. They will also be taught how to build healthy relationships between child and parent, teacher and student, and student to student.

  • Life lessons

    Life lessons build character and moral development, and we think that’s important. Our curriculum teaches children how to share, be nice to one another, and how to resolve conflict in a healthy way. All of our Play and Learn activities simulate real-life situations in a fun, safe, web-based learning environment.

  • Preparation for the road ahead

    We are parents and teachers too, so we understand the importance of helping each other. Children will discover activities to help them prepare for life at home and school. Parents and teachers have found our life lessons to be supportive and valuable in raising and teaching their children.

  • Guidelines for using our content

    We highly recommend that parents, teachers, and care-givers actively participate with children in learning our material. In our experience, it’s likely that they’ll be bursting with new ideas and facts that they want to tell you about. Studies show that this kind of interaction is critical to positive learning outcomes. Our learning material is designed specifically for you to listen and talk with your child or student about what they are learning.

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